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Plastic band SMART

Plastic band SMART

SMART plastic clamping straps have a fully non-metallic clamping system and are manufactured in four widths: 7 mm, 10 mm, 19 mm, and 32 mm. The advantages of these straps when compared with standardstainless-steel straps are in their high corrosion resistance, low weight, ability not to induce an electrical current and their very easy installation.

The SMART system is very robust and resistant. After tightening with the assembly tool, the system does not damage the cabling and pillars which it is attached to. SMART clamps must be used for installing the plastic straps and are sold separately. The SMART Hybrid clamp is intended for the highest loads. The SMART system is manufactured from PA66 material, or from PA12, POM or other materials upon request.

ширинадлинацена 5 шт. и болеецена/шт.
7 mm30 m1555 RUB1716 RUB
10 mm30 m3198 RUB3536 RUB
19 mm30 m7202 RUB7930 RUB
32 mm30 m16120 RUB17732 RUB
Зажимы SMART
Зажимы для ремняшт. в упаковкецена/упаковка/шт.Цена за 1 шт.
7 mm10022 RUB25 RUB
10 mm10027 RUB30 RUB
19 mm50101 RUB112 RUB
19 mm hybrid50244 RUB270 RUB
32 mm hybrid50603 RUB663 RUB
Монтажный инструмент
SMART клещи 7 mm, 10 mm10140 RUB
SMART клещи 19 mm Hybrid17940 RUB
SMART клещи 32 mm Hybrid24700 RUB

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